Business, power and sustainability

Responsible Management Research Center (REMARC) University of Pisa

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Martedì 29 Settembre 2020 h. 15:00-16:00


Stefano Ponte è professore al Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS) della Copenhagen Business School. 

Presenterà il suo libro: "Business, power and sustainability"

Managing sustainability concerns is big business. Yet, climate change, rampant deforestation and loss of biodiversity suggest that
corporations are not doing nearly enough to address global sustainability challenges.  In the name of sustainability, a massive
transfer of resources is taking place along global value chains – from the global South to the global North, from producers to global buyers and consumers, and from labour to capital. Global buyers are finding new ways to extract environmental value from their suppliers, making more money for themselves while leaving little impact on sustainability. The accumulation of ‘green capital’ goes hand in hand with a failure to tackle ‘brown environments’. Current regulatory instruments are falling short and multi-stakeholder initiatives, social movements and activism still have a long way to go. Drawing from his recent book and twenty years of research from the ground up, Stefano Ponte suggests new ways of addressing these challenge. 

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